October 8, 2014 “Blood Moon” in Stunning Photos

October 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

Starwatchers across the Americas, East Asia and Australia were treated to a spectacular total lunar eclipse today, and astrophotographers captured stunning photos of the “Blood Moon”, nicknamed such due to the coppery, reddish color the moon takes as it passes into Earth’s shadow.

This phenomenon was the second this year, after its first appearance on April 15.  There will be two more Blood Moon showings in 2015, on April 4 and September 28, respectively, making it a rare tetrad.

美洲、东亚和澳大利亚的天文爱好者们今天尽享到月全食的盛景,由于在进入地球的影子里时反映太阳在大气中的光线放射,平时清亮银色的月亮, 变成了铜红色,被昵称为“红月亮”或“血月亮”。 这里是各国天文摄影者拍摄的精彩照片。


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