A Day at A Travel Hackathon; and An Evening of Dance, Science, and Interactive Tech

November 10, 2015 § Leave a comment

IMG_4096_editedThis past weekend, we proudly exhibited interactive 3D data art created by Kineviz, during Emirates Travel Hackathon hosted at Runway Incubator in San Francisco, where 300+ developers and designers built innovative travel-centric applications aimed at improving customer experience, in competition for a trip to Dubai and various tech and cash prizes.


You don’t have to be a hacker to enjoy Kineviz’s beautiful and mesmerizing interactive technology!  Kineviz founder and CEO, Weidong Yang, Ph.D. a physicist and computer scientist, also directs Kinetech Arts, a collective of artists and scientists striving to challenge possibility through collaborative creativity, creating performances that combine dance, performance, painting, and sound with the latest interactive technology, to create unique and delightful experiences.  Kinetech Arts has performed at ODC theatre, Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, Moscone Center, Marine Headlands Center for the Arts, among others. Here is a demo reel of their past performances, and a couple of short clips we recorded from their appearance at the recent LAST Festival.

Their next show, State Space 2, is coming up this weekend, on November 13th and 14th at Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco.  It will explore the relationship between humans and technology, combining dance performance and media installation.  See more information below.

We invite you to join our friends at Kinetech Arts for an extraordinary event!



Kinetech Arts



Join Kinetech Arts for two nights of dance performance and interactive installation at Dance Mission Theater on 13th and 14th of November.

In STATE SPACE 2 Kinetech Arts is concerned with the relationship between humans and technology. The performance reflects on the paradox of the power of technology: it connects people across oceans, and yet it creates division among communities, as we experience in modern day San Francisco.

November 13-14, 2015 at 8 pm
Dance Mission Theater – 3316 24th St. San Francisco

Choreography: Daiane Lopes da Silva
Original Score (live): Erick R. Scheid
Dancers: Shareen De Ryan, Esha Nambiar, Erin Alexi Huestis, Lauren Bedal, Diane Mateo, Suzette Sagisi, and Byb Bibene
Technology: Weidong Yang, Travis Bennett
Visual design: Raymond Larrett, Alex Benedict
Installation: Robert Allison, Jason Marsh, Chris Shaw, Alex Benedict
Photographer: Afshin Odabaee

For More Information: kinetecharts.org  (510) 205-2807
Funding credits:Zellerbach Family Foundation

Kinetech Arts is also sponsoring Dance Hack Day on Nov 15 at SAFEHouseArts (dancehack.org).

Get Tickets  »


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